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Maximizing Outdoor Living Spaces: Landscaping Collinsville IL

Easy Financing For Your Outdoor Landscaping

Outdoor Edge Landscaping LLC has financing options for all your outdoor landscaping to help your backyard dreams come true:

HFS Financial

  • 100% Personal Loans
  • Every $10k as low as $89/month
  • Fixed Rates
  • Terms up to 20 Years
  • Fund ANY Project within 48 hours
  • Loans up to $400,000

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Landscaping Collinsville IL is not just about planting trees and flowers; it’s about creating a harmonious environment that reflects the homeowner’s tastes and lifestyle. For instance, Outdoor Edge Landscaping, a premier full-service landscape company in Collinsville IL, offers personalized landscape designs that encompass everything from patios to water features.  Need sod installed?  No problem, we can handle it.  Their focus on customer satisfaction and quality service has earned them a loyal clientele.

Landscaping Collinsville IL

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Landscaping Collinsville IL Experts

Landscaping in Collinsville, IL, also includes more specialized services such as land clearing and hardscape installation, offered by Outdoor Edge Landscaping. These services help homeowners tackle larger projects and significantly transform their outdoor spaces.

landscaping Collinsville IL services are helping homeowners maximize their outdoor living spaces, improve curb appeal, and enhance their quality of life. With a range of services available, there’s something to suit every homeowner’s needs and budget. To explore how these services can transform your home, call now to schedule a free consultation.

Selling Your Home?

Outdoor Edge Landscaping is your go-to service for enhancing curb appeal when you’re looking to sell your home. With a keen eye for aesthetics and a deep understanding of landscaping, we create stunning outdoor features that make your property stand out.

  1. Garden Features: We design and install garden features that frame your home rather than obscure it. By carefully selecting and arranging plants, we accentuate the architectural elements of your home and create a welcoming atmosphere.
  2. Hardscape Features: Our team can construct beautiful patios with pavers or stone, creating gathering areas or outdoor dining spaces that add functional beauty to your property.
  3. Year-Round Beauty: We use plants that provide year-round curb appeal, including flowering plants and trees and shrubs that display interesting textures and colors throughout the seasons.
  4. Rock Features and Edging: We incorporate rock features and proper edging into our designs. These elements can lend structure to your landscape and create a polished, well-maintained look.
  5. Exterior Wall Repairs: In addition to landscaping Collinsville IL, we can assist with repairing exterior walls and siding, further improving your home’s curb appeal.

By working with Outdoor Edge Landscaping, you’re investing in a professional service that understands how to maximize the visual appeal of your property. We’re committed to helping you achieve a great first impression for potential buyers, ultimately aiding in a successful and profitable home sale.

Having Drainage Issues in Collinsville IL?

Outdoor Edge Landscaping is your go-to solution for resolving drainage issues in your yard. We understand that poor drainage can lead to numerous problems, including soggy patches, standing water, and even basement leaks.

Our team of experts is skilled in identifying and addressing these issues, ensuring the landscape around your home not only looks great but also functions optimally. We observe and assess your landscape, looking for signs like standing water, erosion, waterlogged plants, and basement leaks, which indicate drainage problems.

One of our key strategies involves installing specific landscape features that help move water away from your home. For instance, we can dig trenches or install drainage pipes to collect and guide water towards the edge of your property. These pipes can handle substantial amounts of water and effectively mitigate flooding risks.

In cases where the soil type, such as clay, hampers good drainage, we can improve the situation by incorporating materials that enhance the soil’s draining capacity.

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Furthermore, we can create a slight slope or pitch in your landscape to facilitate better water flow. If concrete walkways are causing water to pool, we can redesign them or integrate them with other features like a decorative gravel edge or border to help water drain away.

Transform your Outdoor Living Space in Collinsville IL

Outdoor Edge Landscaping is dedicated to providing effective solutions for all your landscape drainage problems. Our goal is to protect your property from water damage while enhancing its aesthetic appeal. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you tackle your drainage issues.